Surrounded by an army of minions, killer-bots, and super-powered arch-villains, Ming rules the galaxy with an iron fist. In this universe where Supers battle Arches every night on prime-time TV, the fate of humanity itself hangs in the balance. But things take a strange turn when Ming kidnaps ace-reporter Polly Purehart and her hapless cameraman Dave. Forced to do Ming’s bidding, Dave & Polly quickly find out that Ming is not at all what he appears to be.

     As Dave & Polly strip away the layers of Ming’s legend, things go awry in this hybrid story where 1930’s Flash Gordon movies collide with modern culture. In a wild mash-up of genres, this extra-pulpy tale will make you laugh out loud at the story you thought you knew.

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Best friends since kindergarten, survivalists Alex and Mickey take prepping to a new level when they win the biggest lottery in history. Sparing no expense, they build the ultimate subterranean bunker complex. With dreams of surviving the apocalypse in comfort and luxury, they stockpile their fortress with plenty of weed, women, and song. No expense is spared, no scenario is overlooked.

But when a meteorite erases Mexico and covers Arizona with a massive debris field, Alex and Mickey soon discover that being kings of the apocalypse is not nearly as much fun as they had envisioned, and certainly a lot more work than they had signed up for.

In the second book of the series, millionaire rednecks Alex and Mickey find themselves facing enemies on both sides as they fight to keep the town of Calizona from starving to death while the world slides deeper into a nuclear winter.

Whoever said the apocalypse was no laughing matter never read Calizona. This ain't yourDaddy's apocalypse.

Siblings George & Maria find themselves stranded outside of the Zone following the impact. From different parts of the country they each witness the slow-motion catastrophe that is a nuclear winter. Struggling to stay alive as it all falls apart, George & Maria soon regret not staying in Tucson.

Calizona is humorously crafted as a historical mocumentary told a hundred years after the rebirth of civilization. Images of this bleak world are revealed through personal journals, video logs, surveillance footage, and a little editorial assistance from the lead archaeologist who has transcribed the tale. This is an immersive world, engineered to appeal to a variety of adult readers who have grown up in a world of reality TV.


In the final book of the series, we go back to where it all started: Alex & Mickey in Tucson. With temperatures falling, the survivors are forced to decide what to do with a rapist among them. But when Alex takes unilateral action, he risks his tenuous hold on their town.

Leaving the town to stew over his actions, Alex decides to take a trip down to the impact site to see it for himself. Things go sideways when he finds he is not alone in the crater. From there things only unravel in ways that Alex & Mickey could never have predicted. Struggling to keep it all together, they find themselves racing the devil to an icy future.

This is a special edition, 2-volume eBook that includes books 3 & 4 of the Calizona series. This special deal is only available for the digital version; in print the books are sold separately. Save a tree (and and a few bucks) by buying the Ebook version.

Calizona is humorously crafted as a historical mocumentary told a hundred years after the rebirth of civilization. Images of this bleak world are revealed through personal journals, video logs, surveillance footage, and a little editorial assistance from the lead archaeologist who has transcribed the tale. At 340,000 words, this is an immersive world, engineered to appeal to a variety of adult readers who have grown up in a world of reality TV.

After dying from cancer, Jenna wakes to find herself on the far side of the known universe. Impossibly far from home, she soon learns that she was harvested from her deathbed by the DuNai for a very special purpose: To become Timelord for the Milky Way Galaxy.

Charged with socially engineering entire galaxies from inception to ascension, the Timelords have managed their domains for billions of years. With the ability to edit the timeline, these Temporal Editors act as the unseen hand, guiding civilizations towards enlightenment. Theirs is an incomprehensible responsibility, and one that requires vast amounts of schooling.

What follows is Jenna’s personal journals as she finds herself thrust into a strange new world. Enduring nearly two centuries of training and residency, she struggles to learn her craft in the hopes of finding her way home. In a story that will both fascinate and inspire, Memoirs treats the reader to a granular view of an apprentice’s day-to-day life.

Editor’s Note: This novel has no relation whatsoever to the Doctor Who series of books and TV shows.

After the DD13 virus exterminates humanity, Brady Michaels finds himself the last survivor in Tucson, Arizona. Convinced that there must be other survivors out there, he sets out on a trek across the nation in search of life. But what he finds along the way is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Pockyclypse is not your usual dreary post-apocalyptic story; this is the fun apocalypse! Filled with dynamic characters that leap off the pages, this is a dystopian fairytale that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

If you liked such stories as Night of the Comet, Earth Abides, or Silent Earth, then Pockyclypse is just what the doctor ordered. This is an engaging story designed to appeal to mature readers from 18 to 80.

After discovering an energy efficient form of antigravity, the Sparks brothers have visions of being rich beyond their wildest dreams.

But very soon they realize that there is no government or corporation on the planet that would not kidnap them in order to gain control of this priceless technology. Antigravity would not only be worth trillions of dollars, but its strategic value would make them targets worldwide.

Desperate to see their invention change the world while they get fat-rich, the brothers hatch a plan that would be the pride of any mad scientist. After levitating the Queen Mary as a proof of concept, Jack & Jamie let loose their scheme on Earth. Turning the world upside down, the brothers chase their dreams, even if it kills them.

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After years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Julie Harris and her daughters finally find sanctuary when her father moves in. With her husband locked out she finally feels safe. But when a mysterious heart attack kills her father unexpectedly, Julie is on the run.

Desperate to leave her husband far behind, Julie takes the unusual offer to relocate to a rural town in Wyoming. With her cowboy guide, handsome rancher Wil Stoddard, she vanishes off the map. Settling over a thousand miles away, the young mother tried to build a life for her small family.

As romantic passions simmer close to boiling, Julie struggles with the terror of her past. With her husband getting closer every day, she cannot help but be drawn to Wil.

Written with a rustic flavor and rich in authenticity, Wanted is a character driven novel that submerges you in a rich new world.


In the 1880s, the American west was pockmarked with hazards and danger for all who tread there. In the territories it was easy to get yourself murdered or scalped. But by far, life was most risky when you were a young, single, lady trying to make your way across the wilderness. 

 Although they were all plucked from different worlds, Emily, Helen, Jane & Esther find themselves fleeing a common enemy; white-slavery. Desperate to avoid a future in the brothels, the ladies are willing to try anything to stay out of the clutches of Max Sully, including masquerading as cooks on a cattle drive. Taking different routes, the four ladies face a gamut of dangers in their quest to remain free. 

Life was unimaginably harsh in the old west, and twice as dangerous for women.

Lost in the wilderness, Proper Miss Susie must rely on her stalwart companion; Bear.Struggling against all odds the two canine friends valiantly make their way across the wilderness.

Full of characters that seem to jump off the pages, Miss Susie & Bear is a book for kids of all ages. With chapters perfectly sized for bedtime stories, this is a great book to tuck the kids in with. Children will look forward to their next nightly update on the adventures of their favorite canine friends, night after night.



When Bucky's nightly dreams of flying turn into reality, the 6th grade outcast is sure that his wishes have come true. But that all goes sour when he attracts the wrong kind of attention and his quirky friends find themselves thrust into the middle of secrets, espionage, and danger.

 Follow Bucky, Conspiracy Carl, and Batty Betty as they struggle to stay out of the hands of Mister B and his henchmen. When things get really bad, it will be up to Bucky alone to summon the courage to save the day and his own family.